Friday, February 22, 2013

Tried this new color today that I got free from BZZAgent. It is so fun being a BZZ Agent tester. Really like the way my hair looks and feels. I kept an eye on the time, because the product said to leave in for 30 minutes. Since I didn't want it to be too dark, I checked at about 22 minutes and it was perfect.. It leaves a great shine and conditioning feel to my hair. The smell is not too strong or overpowering either. I wanted to cover the gray and not have to frost for a while. It worked great. I would recommend this for anyone wanting shine and great color.
Before Olia color
After Olia color

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This is the new Glade expressions that I have been trying out.As a BZZAgent I got this for free and was so excited to try.I enjoy doing the campaigns and telling friends about the BZZ. I love the subtle fragrance and the diffuser is one of my favorite ones. It is so easy to use and the smell is not overpowering. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting a soft clean smell in any room that needs it.