Friday, September 23, 2011

Our trip for Rachel's 4th birthday

We decided that we would surprise our kids and just show up for Rachel Eliana's birthday party, but we went a couple of days sooner than we planned. The reason we did that was that I just got a new car and wanted to show the kids. We pulled into Andrea and Aaron's driveway and called them to come out of their house. They were so surprised to see us and of course were thrilled with the car and that we came for the party. What a blast we had. Then the next morning we just showed up at Avery's soccer game and when "Aunt" Rachel saw the car, she screamed and was totally shocked that we were there. It was great!
We had so much fun at the party and watching the kids as princesses and knights. And Andrea did a beautiful job on the cake.
Then we also drove down to Canon City and got to see Bob's mom. We had a great time visiting with her and hard to believe she will be 94 years old in November.
We also drove from there to Pueblo West and spent the night with Tiff and Rob and the boys, so our trip was well worth the travel.

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