Monday, September 19, 2011

Averys 4th Birthday and Mamaws Visit

Avery loved the ladybug pillow...

Rachel made a rainbow cake...looked awesome

                                   Grandma and Avery have "rainbow colored" hair!!
                                           All the kids painting
                                         Rachel Eliana's rainbow hair
                                       Of course we couldn't leave out Malachi's hair..
                                       took a while for the green to wash out!!!
                                         Mamaw sitting on the porch with Madi
                                            Grandma lovin on her two youngest
                                              Mommy and Madi
                                         Look at Madi's hat and purse...soooo pretty

                                         Here is princess Avery
                    Grandma, Avery and Madi all dressed up as princesses
                               Toy store hats...should buy them really... WOW!!
                                        Mamaw and Isaiah
                                        Three generations enjoying golf together
                                         We had a blast
                                      Taco Bell with Mamaw and Malachi
                                         At the gardens trying to get pictures
                                         Daddy and his "little" girls
                                             Don't we look pretty?
                                            Hey, daddy, the world is all upside down!
                                        The beautiful Schultz family
                                      Mamaw with her five great grandchildren
                                       Andrea, Mamaw, Me, and this pic
                                       Mamaw and Bob
                                       Think they love each other...!
                                       Steve and Vicki Springer and Mom
                                        Mamaw and Nathan and Mary
                                       Marlene and Jim Bonella and Mom
                                         Getting pedicures...sooooo nice!
                                       Mamaw and her great great grandkids..
                                       Destiny and Deja
                             Mom and some great friends, Al and Verna Jesser
                         and Jimmy Jesser who live in Delta, Colorado
                       Ken and Judy Adrian and Mom in Gunnison on way to Texas
                                      Mamaw with Rob, Michael and Kailynne
                                       Mamaw with Tiffany, Payton, Reece and Rob
                              Back in Texas at Mom's with sisters, Mo and Rayelynn

Bob and Mom and I


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