Friday, September 23, 2011

Our trip for Rachel's 4th birthday

We decided that we would surprise our kids and just show up for Rachel Eliana's birthday party, but we went a couple of days sooner than we planned. The reason we did that was that I just got a new car and wanted to show the kids. We pulled into Andrea and Aaron's driveway and called them to come out of their house. They were so surprised to see us and of course were thrilled with the car and that we came for the party. What a blast we had. Then the next morning we just showed up at Avery's soccer game and when "Aunt" Rachel saw the car, she screamed and was totally shocked that we were there. It was great!
We had so much fun at the party and watching the kids as princesses and knights. And Andrea did a beautiful job on the cake.
Then we also drove down to Canon City and got to see Bob's mom. We had a great time visiting with her and hard to believe she will be 94 years old in November.
We also drove from there to Pueblo West and spent the night with Tiff and Rob and the boys, so our trip was well worth the travel.

Rachel Eliana's 4th Birthday

Grandpa Bob encouraging the "Coach" Brian at Avery's first soccer game!

Go Team Go!!

So fun to watch those little kids "play" soccer!

Isaiah wanted to help with the balloons for Rachel's party!!

Madi loved watching golf with Grandpa Bob!

Avery and Grandma making funny faces....

Getting hugs and love from Avery and Madi...sweet!

Mom...making Rachel,s "Castle" cake!

Like Grandpa grandsons, Malachi and Isaiah...looking good!!
All ready for Sunday church

The finished Cinderella castle cake...and OF COURSE IT'S PINK!!

The little princess's and the knight are ready to party!

Beautiful Princess Rachel!

The table looks so wonderful...

Outside looking for the glass slipper...

All Princess Rachel's friends are enjoying the Cinderella story

Aunt Rachel and Mom are making the pumpkin carriages

Cousins love each other

Mom Manfred and Me

Bob and Mom

Great picture of Mom Manfred and us

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mom's August 2011 Visit

We had a blast with mom this summer. She flew up in time for Avery's 4th birthday and stayed two weeks and then Bob and I drove her back to Decatur, Texas and spent a week there. Not only did she get to see all her great grandbabies in Fort Collins, but she played golf with Rachel and Andrea, her granddaughters and me. She also got to see Steve and Vicki Springer, friends that we have know for over 40 years. And while in Grand Junction, she got to see Jim and Marlene Bonella, and have a pedicure too.
On the way to Texas we stopped in Delta and saw her friends, Al and Verna Jesser and their son, Jim, that used to hunt with Dad and Mom and that was so fun. We also stopped in Gunnison and saw Ken and Judy
Adrian, a pastor friend, who has know our family for years. They just happened to be there fishing and we got to have lunch and visit.
Then we spent the night at Tiffany's and Rob's house so mom got to see them and then Rob Manfred and his two kids. She had so much fun and we loved it. We took her antiquing while we were in Fort Collins and she found some things there. Glad our car was not too full....haha! Loved the trip and loved having mom here. Can't wait til Christmas when she comes up for the week.   Love you Mom!!!

Averys 4th Birthday and Mamaws Visit

Avery loved the ladybug pillow...

Rachel made a rainbow cake...looked awesome

                                   Grandma and Avery have "rainbow colored" hair!!
                                           All the kids painting
                                         Rachel Eliana's rainbow hair
                                       Of course we couldn't leave out Malachi's hair..
                                       took a while for the green to wash out!!!
                                         Mamaw sitting on the porch with Madi
                                            Grandma lovin on her two youngest
                                              Mommy and Madi
                                         Look at Madi's hat and purse...soooo pretty

                                         Here is princess Avery
                    Grandma, Avery and Madi all dressed up as princesses
                               Toy store hats...should buy them really... WOW!!
                                        Mamaw and Isaiah
                                        Three generations enjoying golf together
                                         We had a blast
                                      Taco Bell with Mamaw and Malachi
                                         At the gardens trying to get pictures
                                         Daddy and his "little" girls
                                             Don't we look pretty?
                                            Hey, daddy, the world is all upside down!
                                        The beautiful Schultz family
                                      Mamaw with her five great grandchildren
                                       Andrea, Mamaw, Me, and this pic
                                       Mamaw and Bob
                                       Think they love each other...!
                                       Steve and Vicki Springer and Mom
                                        Mamaw and Nathan and Mary
                                       Marlene and Jim Bonella and Mom
                                         Getting pedicures...sooooo nice!
                                       Mamaw and her great great grandkids..
                                       Destiny and Deja
                             Mom and some great friends, Al and Verna Jesser
                         and Jimmy Jesser who live in Delta, Colorado
                       Ken and Judy Adrian and Mom in Gunnison on way to Texas
                                      Mamaw with Rob, Michael and Kailynne
                                       Mamaw with Tiffany, Payton, Reece and Rob
                              Back in Texas at Mom's with sisters, Mo and Rayelynn

Bob and Mom and I