Wednesday, May 11, 2011


There is just something about grandchildren that warms my heart. In the first part of April, Andrea and Aaron came to visit and brought Malachi, Rachel and Isaiah for  a few days. What fun we had playing with them and taking them to the Dinosaur Museum in Fruita, Colorado. Then we of course went to Fort Collins for Easter and Madison's 1st birthday which just happened to fall on the same day as Easter. What a blessing to us that God gave us wonderful kids and such sweet grandkids.
And on May 6th we drove to pick up Avery and Madi from Brian and Rachel to have them for a couple of days. Brian and Rachel had a staff retreat in Steamboat Springs, so we got to babysit. Had a blast. And on Sunday, Mothers Day we drove to Steamboat and got to be there for two days with them.
Thank you to our children for sharing their families with us. We dearly love you all.

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