Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our Christmas time in Fort Collins

We had a blast for two weeks in Fort Collins with the kids and grandbabies. Of course we were worn out by the time we got home, but what a wonderful visit it was. Here are a bunch of pictures that I hope you enjoy!

Christmas in Fort Collins

Madison was grinning at Grandma and so cute!

Daddy and his girls all ready for church!

Andrea playing her french horn at the Christmas service

Wow...look at that grin on both Grandpa Bob and Isaiah...handsome dudes!!

Don't Malachi, Grandpa and Isaiah look great???

Rachel twirled to show Grandma her pretty dress...

Avery and Rachel are checking out the gingerbread house that Avery made.

Love the "DO" on Madi

The kids and moms went ice skating in old town...funnnnnnn!!!!!!

Malachi did great holding on to the side of the rink....good job!

Avery and mom had a blast!

Had a chance to go to Denver and see the capital all lit up....beautiful!

All the grownups played "spoons" and of course I was the first to be out of the game!

Malachi showing off his pajamas that look just like Grandpa Bob's

Avery with grandma's light up nose!!!

Christmas morning and Avery gave a hug to "Santa" Grandpa

Madi loved the wrapping paper!!

Andrea and Rachel enjoying their new sewing machines

Aunt Rachel had the kids make a birthday cake for Jesus...

It was awesome and I know that Jesus loved it!!!

Went to see Rob and Tiff and boys after Christmas and got to see
Rob pinned at his graduation from the D.O.C. academyt

Handsome family

It has snowed and mommy and Avery are ready to sled

Avery falling out of "box" sled...waiting for Aunt Andrea to bring the real sleds...

And here are all the kids having a blast in the snow.

Of course afterward...the hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows....yummy

Wow..that is awesome...Grandma!!!

Let's make some music together

Malachi's New Year crown

Avery being shy about showing her crown

Rachel has a great smile

Grandma loving on her two youngest....