Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trip to Fort Collins again

Wow...it seems we almost live in Fort Collins. We have travelled there more this year than ever before. I can hardly wait to move there so we can be close to our kids and grandkids. And the trip over the mountains is getting a little loooooonnnnnnnnnnnng!!!  But once we are there, we don't want to leave. We actually moved a bunch of stuff into storage this last weekend and boy it was great to clean out the garage and pack up some things we won't use until we move.
Also we got to see and surprise the grandkids again. Of course they want us to stay longer, but someday we will be right there to see them often.
Last week when we were there, we got to visit Summitview Church again, where Andrea, Aaron, Brian and Rachel and the children go. We loved it and always do get a blessing when we attend. Took some great pictures and  thought it would be fun to post them.

                                                   Love Isaiah's two bottom teeth grin!!!
                                                   We are all ready for Sunday church
                                           Grandpa Bob having fun with the kiddos

                                                        Two distinguished guys!!!

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