Monday, July 19, 2010

Trip to the Bundys

Going to see the grandkids in Pueblo West was so much fun. We got there on Thursday afternoon and on Friday morning we got to watch Reece and Payton at their swim lessons. It was really great because Michael was there too. We also got to see Kailynne, who is sooooo grown up and beautiful at 13 years old. You know, they aren't supposed to grow up so fast.

Anyway, they swam and jumped off the diving board and I got tons of videos. Then later that day we got to see Reece play baseball. Boy, he is a player!!! He got a double out, when he caught a fly ball and then chased down a runner from second base and got him out too. Awesome!! So cute to watch.
After the game we went home and we went outside on the patio and just enjoyed the night. We saw shooting stars and the moon was so beautiful. We actually sat there after the kids went to bed and just visited until midnight. What a relaxing and great time with Tiffany and Rob.

Here is the picture of the moon that I got...really neat looking.

On Saturday morning we went to see Reece and Payton practice hockey at an open practice. There were only four or five there so it was fun to see them. I couldn't believe how long it takes for them to put on all their gear...WOW! They probably weigh at least 5 pounds more. Anyway....what a hoot!!!
Reece is very athletic and looked so great on the ice, and Payton....well he is going to be awesome!
One video I took as we were watching, his dad and mom kept yelling for him to go fast. And he did, although Rob said that Payton was going so fast that he looked like he was in slow motion. Very cute.
Of course Poppy and Grandma thought he and Reece were ready for the "big" leagues....

Here is Payton going really.. really fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reece and Payton having fun at hockey!! Love watching them....
We are so proud of them and all they do in sports.

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