Monday, June 28, 2010

Avery and Madi and Mom visiting us

Grandpa Bob all ready for church with Madi
Having fun with bubbles and Grandpa Bob

Grandma having a quiet time with Madison

Avery loves her sister!!

               Funny faces with Avery on the "plane" at the mall and Madison not sure she likes the leggings!!

Beautiful daughter and granddaughter

Grandpa Bob and Avery enjoying the pool!

Wave at Grandma!!!

Like my flowered outfit???

Avery helping Grandma cook macaroni...

This was so cute, Avery kept sliding off her bed at night. Couldn't resist the pic.....

June 12th through the 18th Rachel brought Avery and Madi to visit us. What a blast it was. The only problem was that "Grandma" had a cold and shared it with Avery and now all of them have had it. In spite of the cold, we had a wonderful time. Avery loved the pool and Grandma got to play with her grand babies!! Of course so did Grandpa Bob.

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