Monday, June 28, 2010

Taylor Park on Father's Day

It was wonderful to go back to Taylor Park Trading Post on Father's Day once again. This time we met up with Andrea and Aaron and the kids and shared a cabin. I was thrilled it was cabin #28, just like we had for over 20 years. We actually got the cabin that we had always rented when our kids were small. We had a blast for four days. Fishing and playing with the grandkids and loving every minute.  And we all caught fish! We went up there on Sunday, Father's Day and then came back home on Thursday and the kids came to our home. We got to swim, play, go to the mall and just enjoy each other. We are so blessed to spend time with our children and grandchildren. And watching Aaron play hide and seek in a small two bedroom cabin was a hoot. I was sure he would be stuck in the fireplace area, but he wasn't and Malachi didn't even see him for a few minutes. It was hysterical. Then we also got a video of the two kids playing when they were supposed to sleep and it was precious.
So glad we could have this time with them and looking forward to Taylor Park next year too.

Fishing at Taylor Park

Dad on Father's Day with his autographed picture of Tony Bennett....surprised!!
The Taylor family at Taylor Park

Malachi hoping for a big fish!!

Rachel fishing like a pro and caught her first fish....hooray!!

Then Malachi caught one too!!!

Andrea showing her big catch...

The Taylor family hoping for more fish......

Isaiah just chillin with the shades

Aaron playing hide and seek with the kids in the cabin...glad he didn't get stuck!!

Andrea and Aaron warming by the fire and having s'mores and Aaron with his first ever fish...nice one!!!

Isaiah helped Daddy catch this one and Grandpa Bob played the game "Go Fish" with the kids!!

Back in Junction...Mom streaked Anges hair and it was wild!!! So Ange streaked Moms a little...

Are we cool or what?????? ( I think "RedHot"!!)

Malachi showed Grandma his muscles and Rachel wanted to try on a new "nightie" at the mall!! Hysterical!!

And we all went swimming at the pool at Grandpa and Grandmas. Isaiah liked his fist the best...

Rachel had no fear and Daddy tossed her really high..

Malachi got tossed by Daddy too and swimming wore Isaiah out so Grandpa loved holding him.

All ready for Sunday service and looking good.....

Rachel Eliana looking beautiful too!

Hey I'm no slouch you know...Isaiah so cool.

Daddy and Mommy such a beautiful couple...

Avery and Madi and Mom visiting us

Grandpa Bob all ready for church with Madi
Having fun with bubbles and Grandpa Bob

Grandma having a quiet time with Madison

Avery loves her sister!!

               Funny faces with Avery on the "plane" at the mall and Madison not sure she likes the leggings!!

Beautiful daughter and granddaughter

Grandpa Bob and Avery enjoying the pool!

Wave at Grandma!!!

Like my flowered outfit???

Avery helping Grandma cook macaroni...

This was so cute, Avery kept sliding off her bed at night. Couldn't resist the pic.....

June 12th through the 18th Rachel brought Avery and Madi to visit us. What a blast it was. The only problem was that "Grandma" had a cold and shared it with Avery and now all of them have had it. In spite of the cold, we had a wonderful time. Avery loved the pool and Grandma got to play with her grand babies!! Of course so did Grandpa Bob.