Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Two new grandbabies

Wow it was a wild two months, from March 12th through May 5th.
On March 11th we drove to Fort Collins and delivered a wedding cake for a friend. It was a beautiful time, but we had a wild trip because of a rockslide in Glenwood Canyon we had to travel over 7 hours to get to Fort Collins. Then we turned around and drove home two days later. We rested a few days and then on Saturday the 20th, we went back to Fort Collins for the birth of Isaiah Shane Taylor, Andrea and Aaron's third child. What a cutie pie!!!
We were able to stay a full two weeks there and what a blessing that was. Came home on April 6th and then on the 15th of April we drove to Reno to see Tony Bennett. Rachel and Brian and Andrea and Aaron gave us tickets to see him as our gift at Christmas. That was an awesome trip. Bob was thrilled to see his favorite singer. We listened to him for over an hour and half without a break. Unbelievable!
So, then on Sunday the 18th of April we drove home, a 14 hour drive from Reno. We rested on Monday and drove to Fort Collins on Tuesday because they were going to induce Rachel on Wednesday. As it turned out, Rachel was not induced until Friday, the 23rd and little Madison Hope Schultz presented herself at 12:42 a.m. on Saturday the 24th. Bob and I stayed for a week, then Bob left on Thursday the 29th for Grand Junction. He went to a men's retreat in Durango on Friday the 30th, came home on the 2nd of May and drove back to Fort Collins on Monday the 3rd. On Wednesday the 5th of May Bob and I drove home. So, in two months we travelled over 5000 miles back and forth. We were exhausted and blessed and thrilled all at the same time. I am putting pictures on, to show some of the fun we had. Enjoy!!!

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