Tuesday, March 9, 2010

On Saturday, Bob and I took a trip to Ridgway with Jim and Marlene to see their daughter, Cheryl and her familys new barn and all their animals. We had a blast, it was like being at a petting zoo. They name all the animals too. Here are two baby goats that I thought were so cute.

Fun in Ridgway at the Smiths barn!

Skylar having a chat with her horse, Skunk...I know, funny name, but she doesn't stink....

Cole just checking out the baby goats
Of course they have lots of chickens too and this one being held by Cheryl is Rod Stewart.... anyone have an idea why they named him that??????

Casey, Bob, Marlene, Cheryl and Jim looking over the barns and all the animals.

How precious this little goat is, with Cole watching me as I cuddled the new baby.

Baby goat wanted a ride on Jim's shoulder so Cheryl helped him out!
Two mini burros were wanting to be petted....

Here is the newest member of the Smith family Brother Bear...wanted to take him home with me...so cute and tiny!