Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trip to Fort Collins again

Wow...it seems we almost live in Fort Collins. We have travelled there more this year than ever before. I can hardly wait to move there so we can be close to our kids and grandkids. And the trip over the mountains is getting a little loooooonnnnnnnnnnnng!!!  But once we are there, we don't want to leave. We actually moved a bunch of stuff into storage this last weekend and boy it was great to clean out the garage and pack up some things we won't use until we move.
Also we got to see and surprise the grandkids again. Of course they want us to stay longer, but someday we will be right there to see them often.
Last week when we were there, we got to visit Summitview Church again, where Andrea, Aaron, Brian and Rachel and the children go. We loved it and always do get a blessing when we attend. Took some great pictures and  thought it would be fun to post them.

                                                   Love Isaiah's two bottom teeth grin!!!
                                                   We are all ready for Sunday church
                                           Grandpa Bob having fun with the kiddos

                                                        Two distinguished guys!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fort Collins trip

         Andrea and I just getting ready to enjoy Women of Faith together....yea!!

             This is Natalie Grant singing It Is Well...
and all the women joined in...just awesome!

Malachi giggling at Auntie Rachel
                                           Precious Avery with Grandma
                   Avery and Mommy doing gymnastics at the Rolley Polleys...so cute!!

                     Can we get the bright blue eyes any bigger...Madison???
                                       Grandma got to hold both Madi and Isaiah...love it!
                         Now could anyone think this precious Rachel Eliana could do anything wrong???
                                                       Just look at that beautiful face!!!
                                                         Grandpa Bob lovin on Madi

Women of Faith Trip

What an amazing trip we had last weekend to Fort Collins to see our family and then to get to go to the Pepsi Center for Women of Faith. On Friday, Andrea spent the day with me there and then on Saturday, Rachel went with me. The greatest blessing was that neither of my daughters had been to one of these conferences and just to be with them there was awesome. The speakers were great and Andrea got to see one of her favorite gospel groups, Mary Mary in concert on Friday night. Wow...they rocked the house. On Saturday, Natalie Grant had a concert and it was wonderful too. Just a great time was had by all. God really blessed our hearts.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Video of quails on our patio

 Here is the great video I got of the quails on our patio. So sweet and thrilled they are back. Mama quail was very protective of her 9 babies.. I had to video from our upstairs window to not scare them away. We watched for several minutes. Just had to put it on the blog for all to enjoy.

Mama and baby quail on our patio

It was so fun this afternoon when we saw this mama quail
and her chicks...9 of them!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Having mom visit us!

On August 4th Bob and I picked up mom at the Denver airport and drove her to Fort Collins to visit her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She lives in Decatur, Texas that is about 40 miles north of Fort Worth. It was a blast having her here.While we were in Fort Collins, we spoiled her a little by shopping and getting her a couple of new dresses, going out to eat...especially Jim's Wings, and golfing with her daughter(me) and her granddaughters, Rachel and Andrea. Mom will be 87 on the 26th of this month and shot a 54 on nine holes. Awesome golf, mom!!!  We also took in some antique stores, at which, Andrea and I bought stuff and mom did not. But as you can see in the pictures, the rocking horse was a great buy!
One of the most fun things we got to do was to take photos of three and four generations. I am sure we wore her out, but it was such a great time together. We spent four days in Fort Collins and then drove back to Grand Junction with her. What a great time of visiting with her. And we are so thankful for Marlene Bonella who used some of her air miles to fly mom here and back home. What a blessing for mom and for our family. I took tons of pictures and we got a lot of them printed for mom to take home and I know she will cherish this trip as much as I do.

Mom's visit

Mamaw relaxing with Andrea and Isaiah

Malachi on the rocking horse

                     Rachel thinks the horse is all hers....ride um cowgirl!!  Named the horse Spunky after one of mom and dad's horses that they used to have!

Isaiah really looks like a cowboy

Three generations playing golf...great fun!!!

Four generations with Andrea's kids....

Four generations with Rachel's kids

Three generations after golfing

Mamaw with five great grandkids

The two newest grandbabies...Isaiah and Madison

Me, Mom and Bob

Mom and one of her favorite son in laws!!!!

Tiffany, Reece, Payton and Mamaw

Marlene, Mom and Me enjoying a little vino....

Mom, Marlene and Jim Bonella

Spoiling Mom and Marlene and myself with pedicures....!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Trip to the Bundys

Going to see the grandkids in Pueblo West was so much fun. We got there on Thursday afternoon and on Friday morning we got to watch Reece and Payton at their swim lessons. It was really great because Michael was there too. We also got to see Kailynne, who is sooooo grown up and beautiful at 13 years old. You know, they aren't supposed to grow up so fast.

Anyway, they swam and jumped off the diving board and I got tons of videos. Then later that day we got to see Reece play baseball. Boy, he is a player!!! He got a double out, when he caught a fly ball and then chased down a runner from second base and got him out too. Awesome!! So cute to watch.
After the game we went home and we went outside on the patio and just enjoyed the night. We saw shooting stars and the moon was so beautiful. We actually sat there after the kids went to bed and just visited until midnight. What a relaxing and great time with Tiffany and Rob.

Here is the picture of the moon that I got...really neat looking.

On Saturday morning we went to see Reece and Payton practice hockey at an open practice. There were only four or five there so it was fun to see them. I couldn't believe how long it takes for them to put on all their gear...WOW! They probably weigh at least 5 pounds more. Anyway....what a hoot!!!
Reece is very athletic and looked so great on the ice, and Payton....well he is going to be awesome!
One video I took as we were watching, his dad and mom kept yelling for him to go fast. And he did, although Rob said that Payton was going so fast that he looked like he was in slow motion. Very cute.
Of course Poppy and Grandma thought he and Reece were ready for the "big" leagues....

Here is Payton going really.. really fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reece and Payton having fun at hockey!! Love watching them....
We are so proud of them and all they do in sports.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Taylor Park on Father's Day

It was wonderful to go back to Taylor Park Trading Post on Father's Day once again. This time we met up with Andrea and Aaron and the kids and shared a cabin. I was thrilled it was cabin #28, just like we had for over 20 years. We actually got the cabin that we had always rented when our kids were small. We had a blast for four days. Fishing and playing with the grandkids and loving every minute.  And we all caught fish! We went up there on Sunday, Father's Day and then came back home on Thursday and the kids came to our home. We got to swim, play, go to the mall and just enjoy each other. We are so blessed to spend time with our children and grandchildren. And watching Aaron play hide and seek in a small two bedroom cabin was a hoot. I was sure he would be stuck in the fireplace area, but he wasn't and Malachi didn't even see him for a few minutes. It was hysterical. Then we also got a video of the two kids playing when they were supposed to sleep and it was precious.
So glad we could have this time with them and looking forward to Taylor Park next year too.

Fishing at Taylor Park

Dad on Father's Day with his autographed picture of Tony Bennett....surprised!!
The Taylor family at Taylor Park Reservoir..fishing

Malachi hoping for a big fish!!

Rachel fishing like a pro and caught her first fish....hooray!!

Then Malachi caught one too!!!

Andrea showing her big catch...

The Taylor family hoping for more fish......

Isaiah just chillin with the shades

Aaron playing hide and seek with the kids in the cabin...glad he didn't get stuck!!

Andrea and Aaron warming by the fire and having s'mores and Aaron with his first ever fish...nice one!!!

Isaiah helped Daddy catch this one and Grandpa Bob played the game "Go Fish" with the kids!!

Back in Junction...Mom streaked Anges hair and it was wild!!! So Ange streaked Moms a little...

Are we cool or what?????? ( I think "RedHot"!!)

Malachi showed Grandma his muscles and Rachel wanted to try on a new "nightie" at the mall!! Hysterical!!

And we all went swimming at the pool at Grandpa and Grandmas. Isaiah liked his fist the best...

Rachel had no fear and Daddy tossed her really high..

Malachi got tossed by Daddy too and swimming wore Isaiah out so Grandpa loved holding him.

All ready for Sunday service and looking good.....

Rachel Eliana looking beautiful too!

Hey I'm no slouch you know...Isaiah so cool.

Daddy and Mommy such a beautiful couple...