Monday, August 17, 2009

Trip to see Grandkids in Pueblo West

We had a ball at Rob and Tiffany's last week. Glad we had a few days to go over and visit before school starts this week. The boys are really growing up too fast!!! We got to enjoy watching them on the trampoline and running through the fountains at the River Walk in Pueblo and just being with them at their home was great! Got to take a few pictures so hope you enjoy them!!

Reece loves to play he is playing "dead"

Payton "resting" and looking so sweet!!

Look closely at the dove in her nest.....she isn't afraid of humans...

I got really close to her and she is beautiful..

Here I am with my precious grandson, Jeremiah, boy.... he is so handsome!!!!!!

Two little wet grandsons from playing in the fountains at the River Walk, downtown Pueblo.

Here are Reece and Payton playing in the fountains!

Two great looking guys...Rob and Dad!

"Poppy" carrying Payton on his shoulders at the River Walk...

Reece, you can't tackle Jeremiah yet...keep trying though, maybe someday???

"Poppy" with the grandkids and beautiful Tiffany!

And here is Grandma's turn to get her picture with the crew!

Is that cantaloupe really good, Payton??? Cheesy smile!

Caught you when you didn't cover up so I couldn't get a picture, Jeremiah!!

Reece, you are about ready for a haircut for school, but I like your tattoos!!!

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