Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Avery Joy's 2nd Birthday Party

Here is the entry way to Avery's 2nd birthday party...Big Bird left his footprints to show the way!

Elmo says to come on in and have fun
Cookie monster loves Avery too!!
Mommy and Avery wearing cute hats...

Rachel Eliana and Malachi in their hats...

The table all decorated with Elmo and Sesame Street goodies!!!

Elmo cake looks so good!!!!

Avery's friends, Kate and Ben are having fun!

Here are some more friends going to have fun today!

Grandma and Rachel love their new hats!!

Hey don't we look cute Uncle Brian???

Grandpa Bob video taping the party!

Let's put the sticker nose on Elmo!!

Playing in the pool!!

This party is sooooooooo much fun, mommy!!!

Even the adults got into having fun! (Didn't you Shauna and Ange??)

Can you get any more crackers in your mouth, Rachel????
Happy Birthday to Avery!!!! Let's blow out the candle!

Wow, the cake was delicious... and I got it all over my face and hands!
We even had a pinata and it was a blast to try to open it!
Joe, Daddy, Shauna and Mommy loved the red icing, everyone's teeth and tongues turn pink!! Can we have some more??????

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