Monday, August 17, 2009

Trip to see Grandkids in Pueblo West

We had a ball at Rob and Tiffany's last week. Glad we had a few days to go over and visit before school starts this week. The boys are really growing up too fast!!! We got to enjoy watching them on the trampoline and running through the fountains at the River Walk in Pueblo and just being with them at their home was great! Got to take a few pictures so hope you enjoy them!!

Reece loves to play he is playing "dead"

Payton "resting" and looking so sweet!!

Look closely at the dove in her nest.....she isn't afraid of humans...

I got really close to her and she is beautiful..

Here I am with my precious grandson, Jeremiah, boy.... he is so handsome!!!!!!

Two little wet grandsons from playing in the fountains at the River Walk, downtown Pueblo.

Here are Reece and Payton playing in the fountains!

Two great looking guys...Rob and Dad!

"Poppy" carrying Payton on his shoulders at the River Walk...

Reece, you can't tackle Jeremiah yet...keep trying though, maybe someday???

"Poppy" with the grandkids and beautiful Tiffany!

And here is Grandma's turn to get her picture with the crew!

Is that cantaloupe really good, Payton??? Cheesy smile!

Caught you when you didn't cover up so I couldn't get a picture, Jeremiah!!

Reece, you are about ready for a haircut for school, but I like your tattoos!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Avery's "2nd" Birthday

Bob and I had a ball going to Fort Collins last week for two birthdays...lest I forget to mention that. Brian had a birthday on Thursday and Avery's was Friday. We did a lot of celebrating. We also stayed with Andrea and Aaron and the kids and had so much fun with them while we were there for the week. It was also such a blessing to see our children raising their children. We loved every minute being there and can't wait to live close to them. Still praying for God to move us there. Trying to be patient. The whole week was fun and the party was just the cherry on top of the week. Enjoy the pictures!!

Avery Joy's 2nd Birthday Party

Here is the entry way to Avery's 2nd birthday party...Big Bird left his footprints to show the way!

Elmo says to come on in and have fun
Cookie monster loves Avery too!!
Mommy and Avery wearing cute hats...

Rachel Eliana and Malachi in their hats...

The table all decorated with Elmo and Sesame Street goodies!!!

Elmo cake looks so good!!!!

Avery's friends, Kate and Ben are having fun!

Here are some more friends going to have fun today!

Grandma and Rachel love their new hats!!

Hey don't we look cute Uncle Brian???

Grandpa Bob video taping the party!

Let's put the sticker nose on Elmo!!

Playing in the pool!!

This party is sooooooooo much fun, mommy!!!

Even the adults got into having fun! (Didn't you Shauna and Ange??)

Can you get any more crackers in your mouth, Rachel????
Happy Birthday to Avery!!!! Let's blow out the candle!

Wow, the cake was delicious... and I got it all over my face and hands!
We even had a pinata and it was a blast to try to open it!
Joe, Daddy, Shauna and Mommy loved the red icing, everyone's teeth and tongues turn pink!! Can we have some more??????

Avery's birthday with family

Daddy helping Avery open more gifts

Malachi trying on Avery's cute

Even Grandma, mommy and AuntieAndrea love Avery's new kitchen..they want to play too!

Aaron doodling while Malachi "cooks"

Grandpa Bob and Avery open her new "pots and pans"

Rachel, Avery and Malachi are loving Avery's new kitchen!

Mommy and Avery checking out the new "kitchen"!! Retro red!!!

July 2009 in Fort Collins at the Taylors

Of course Malachi has to show Grandma the carrot from mommy's garden! Yummy!!!

What faces Malachi and Rachel can make...their hysterical...

Rachel Eliana trying to sit on the is bigger than her!
Here is Andrea with Malachi helping mommy in their garden. Love the yellow boots!!