Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Trip for nephews wedding

Aunt Billie, mom's sister, her daughter in law, Gaye and my cousin, Wayne

Gabriel (Wendy's friend) my brother Craig, sis-in-law Rose and niece Wendy, nephew, Chris in back

Andrea, Mandy and Rachel...three beautiful cousins

Merlene, Me, Rayelynn, cousins Connie Gay, Candy, Mom and Carrie Lark

Glenn and Bob...great brother in laws!!
Malachi and Aunt Rayelynn

Father of the groom...Glenn and me

Merlene and her two grandsons, Dawson and Davis

Merlene, Me, Rayelynn and the "clown" Rachel!!

Cousins together again!!!

The cake table

My nephew, Tyler and Dawn, his precious bride!

Bob, Mom, Dad and I together one more time!

Mamaw gets a great smile from Malachi..

And a precious hug from Rachel Eliana!

The Taylor family with Papaw!!

Nephews Wedding

What a blast Bob and I had last week. When I was in Texas in March, my sister, Rayelynn asked me if I could make the wedding cake for Tyler, my nephew. Of course, I jumped on the chance to go back to Texas again. So, Bob and I planned the trip, how I could bake the cake and transport it to Dallas from Grand Junction and then decorate it there. Being that the trip would take two days, I had to plan how the cake would be fresh. I would bake the cake the afternoon before we left and then wrap it good and freeze it at mom's when we got to Decatur, Texas on Monday night. That worked out so well.
We also had a great time on the trip with Andrea and Aaron and the two grand kids, Malachi and Rachel Eliana. They met us in Pueblo at Tiffany's house on Sunday and we all spent the night there. The trip on Monday was a hoot! We left at 5:00 a.m. and I rode with Andrea and the kids and Aaron rode with Bob for the first half of the trip. Getting the kids up at 4:00 in the morning, I thought they would go back to sleep...but they didn't. They were so great! They played with some toys that Ange had brought and then they watched a Mickey Mouse video (several times). Both of them were great travellers. It took us about 13 hours to get to mom's. I couldn't believe how the little ones did in the car. Malachi is 3 1/2 and Rachel is not quite two and only potty trained in the last couple of weeks. She did not have any accidents on the way down. Whoopee! Both were little troopers. Mom had dinner ready and we had a feast with pecan pie to top it off.
After dinner, we drove to Dallas, thanking the good Lord that we had a GPS for the trip. (We may have still been there driving if we did not have it). When we got to the hotel, we were thrilled to not be in a car.
On Wednesday, we drove to Weatherford and visited with Papaw (dad). I was so glad that Andrea got to see her grandfather one more time. Then that afternoon, Brian called and said that he was getting Rachel a plane ticket to fly down for the wedding. So, on the way back to mom's to decorate the cake, we went to the airport to get her. But....there were massive thunderstorms in Dallas and just as we got to the airport, before we went through the gates, we got a call from Rachel that her plane had landed in Waco and she would end up waiting there for almost 5 hours before Bob could pick her up.
We went to Decatur and I started decorating the cake and making the cupcakes. Andrea was a great help. I am not sure I would have gotten it all done without her and then when Bob picked up Rachel, she helped with them too. It was like the show "Ace of Cakes" in mom's house. A real assembly line. We got basically everything done except for the flowers put on the wedding cake before we needed to leave for the rehearsal dinner. As it was, we were 10 minutes late to that, but that was okay.
On Friday, the day of the wedding, Bob and I drove back to Decatur, which is an hour from Dallas, to finish the cake and bring it back. Timing was good, because we took it straight to the place for the reception.
The wedding was beautiful and we got to see people that we haven't seen in many years (some about 30 years).
On Saturday, Rayelynn had a brunch and we spent the day eating and visiting. Then on Sunday morning we got back into the car and took mom to Decatur and then headed back home.
This was a long, crazy week and one that Bob and I will cherish. Even though he drove more in one week than he can ever remember, it was worth every mile.
Fabulous trip and getting together with family and friends is always wonderful.