Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chillin with the grandkids!

Bob and I got to babysit Malachi and Rachel Eliana for daddy and mommy last week. Aaron and Andrea got to go to Branson and relax with no kids, no worries and that was great! It has been a long time since Grandma and Grandpa Bob had little ones, so we got broken in fast. Poopy diapers and messy highchairs and "I want a snack, Grandma" was part of the relearning process. And splashing in the tub at bath time. Grandma seemed to get the most soaking of all! We loved it! Although we were tired when we were done, it was a great bonding time with those little ones. We also got to spend time with Avery Joy. I hope you enjoy the pictures and the videos that I have posted here. Watching them now it seems that they will be little for a long time. But, as we all know, time seems to fly by faster than we want. And soon, these little ones won't be so little anymore. What a blessing to be able to watch them and let mom and dad have some R & R.

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