Friday, January 9, 2009

Great Looking Couples

Aaron and Andrea on Christmas Eve...(like the hat!)
Brian and Rachel on Christmas morning.....!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Eve and More.....

Malachi and Rachel giving their big smiles.....

Cousins looking pretty!!

Rachel E. all dressed up for Christmas Eve!!

Christmas with the kids

Bob and I had the privilege of going to Fort Collins for Christmas this year. It was so much fun to be with some of our children and grandchildren. We got there a few days before Christmas, so we got in on the excitement of doing a little last minute shopping at Centura in Loveland and the hustle of the holiday time. We were so sorry that Andrea was under the weather from having had a kidney stone the weekend before, but glad that she felt better as the days passed. She was able to go to the Christmas Eve service with us and enjoy Christmas Day with us too. Our grandkids were absolutely handsome and beautiful in their Christmas outfits for the service. Then afterward we went back to Andrea and Aaron's home and had a wonderful dinner. And as usual, we ate too much! And we watched the traditional video "Christmas Vacation" and laughed a ton. (Glad we don't have relatives like Chevy Chase's)! After the movie, Bob and I went back to Rachel and Brian's. On Christmas morning we opened gifts with Avery, Brian and Rachel and loved watching Avery with her toys. Then, a little later, Aaron and Andrea came over with Malachi and Rachel E. and we watched them open gifts too. We have a tradition of working a puzzle starting on Christmas Eve day and working it until it is done, so Andrea, Rachel and I worked on it quite a bit. In the afternoon, Brian and Rachel's friends, Jason and Joy came over with their daughter, Gwenyth, who is also about a year old and one of the students, Chichi, who is from Nigeria. We had a really relaxing time together. We used the leftover turkey from Christmas Eve dinner to make chili and then we played a game called " Curses". It was one of the funniest games I have ever played. We laughed so much.
We were blessed to spend the holidays with our kids. On Saturday after Christmas, Rob and Tiffany came up to Fort Collins with the three boys and spent the day and night with us. Then on Sunday morning, Brian, preached at their church for Sunday morning service. What an awesome sermon he gave. God spoke through him and blessed us all.
Our trip was just another indicator of how great it will be when we move to Fort Collins.

Christmas in Fort Collins

Avery Joy...she's not so sure about this "Santa" who is he????

Now, Rachel, have you been a good little girl this year?????

Grandpa Bob makes a great "Santa" that is not his real tummy!!!

Cousin Avery,Grandma, Rachel. Malachi & Daddy enjoying a video together

Rachel Eliana showing off her curly hair......nice "do"!!!

Malachi eating his "bagel" sandwich!

Avery enjoying her lunch at Centura Shopping Center!