Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

This was our funny picture with all of us after all the food we ate! Great fun was had by all!!!

Can hardly believe we all managed to get in the picture, but it is great!

Rachel made this turkey "bread holder" and we all designed feathers to put on it. Great job!!

Got the grandkids to sit for a picture...Payton, Rachel, Malachi, Reece, Michael and Avery!!!!

Reece and his gumdrop turkey.

Payton showing me his "turkey"

Thanksgiving fun

Auntie Rachel thought it would be fun to make gumdrop turkeys with apples for the body. The kids had so much fun doing that. Here is Rachel Eliana with hers.

Avery and her gumdrop turkey

Look at Malachi's gumdrop turkey that he made with Auntie Rachel

Malachi, Payton, Rachel E, Grandma and Avery love watching the Tinkerbell movie!

All ready for Thanksgiving!!!

Thanksgiving in Vail

Having fun walking with Brian, Rachel, Avery and Grandpa Bob

Daddy "Brian" looks really excited!

Andrea, Malachi and Rachel E on a walk with us through Vail village

These are snowflake lights. The village was lovely

Took this one night and it is a beautiful tree!

Wedding we went to November 21 near Denver

While we were at our timeshare in Vail, we had the privilege of going to the wedding of Neikel Smith, whose parents and grandparents that we have known for years. The wedding was in the foothills, of Denver and the setting was absolutely beautiful. In fact, there were deer in the background. And we loved seeing friends that we hadn't seen in a long time. Tim Adrian, who is the pastor of a church in Hutchinson, Kansas, and Nikki's uncle, performed the ceremony. It was such a blessing to be there.

It has been years since we've seen Pam and Tim Adrian. So fun!

Here is the proud parents of Nikki, Bill and Suzi Smith, and sister, Krisha.

Bob and Ken Adrian got to visit a lot at the wedding.

It was so fun to see Judy Adrian at her granddaughter's wedding!

Here is a picture of the bride, Neikel and Casey, in a beautiful setting.

Vail the week before Thanksgiving

Our two best friends, Jim and Marlene Bonella came to see us in Vail for the day!

Love the hats....Jim looks like he should be going on a cruise!!!!!!

Don't these two look relaxed???

This is hysterical, Rachel Eliana did this three times before realizing that she needed to duck her head to get through. We had a blast at the pool in Avon.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Malachi's 4th Birthday

We had a blast in Fort Collins last weekend for Malachi's birthday. Can hardly believe he is four years old! Wow! He is growing up so fast. Grandpa Bob and I loved being there. Mommy made a special cake, Thomas the Train for him. He had sweet friends come to play and they had a fun time. After the party we ate dinner and then went to Chucky Cheese to play games. Boy, that was so crazy!!! I don't think I have seen that many kids in one place for years. Anyway, we all played until we were wore out. Everyone had fun and the kids loved every minute.
We can't wait to live close to be able to enjoy them even more.
Here is Andrea and Erin and Rachel Eliana at Chucky Cheese!

Daddy is going to help Malachi win some tokens.....

How cute are Tanner and Rachel having fun

Rachel and unknown "friend" going on a virtual ride! They loved it!

Come on Malachi...you can win!

Let's watch the train.........

Here is Kenna at Malachi's birthday party.

Kyle with little Noah.... Kennas sweet baby brother....

And of course we won't leave out Levi, Kenna's other brother..she's outnumbered!!

Here is Shanole and Sydney and little brother Auckland!

Aaron taking videos of Grandpa taking videos......

Doesn't Avery look cute in her Thomas the Train hat?

Here are Tanner, Malachi and Rachel waiting for the party to start

Malachi and his buddy Tanner....

Mommy worked hard to make the Thomas the Train cake...looks great

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Wedding Cake

Here are some pictures of the latest wedding cake I did for a couple at church.
Love the flowers.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Trip to see Grandkids in Pueblo West

We had a ball at Rob and Tiffany's last week. Glad we had a few days to go over and visit before school starts this week. The boys are really growing up too fast!!! We got to enjoy watching them on the trampoline and running through the fountains at the River Walk in Pueblo and just being with them at their home was great! Got to take a few pictures so hope you enjoy them!!

Reece loves to play soldier...here he is playing "dead"

Payton "resting" and looking so sweet!!

Look closely at the dove in her nest.....she isn't afraid of humans...

I got really close to her and she is beautiful..

Here I am with my precious grandson, Jeremiah, boy.... he is so handsome!!!!!!

Two little wet grandsons from playing in the fountains at the River Walk, downtown Pueblo.

Here are Reece and Payton playing in the fountains!

Two great looking guys...Rob and Dad!

"Poppy" carrying Payton on his shoulders at the River Walk...

Reece, you can't tackle Jeremiah yet...keep trying though, maybe someday???

"Poppy" with the grandkids and beautiful Tiffany!

And here is Grandma's turn to get her picture with the crew!

Is that cantaloupe really good, Payton??? Cheesy smile!

Caught you when you didn't cover up so I couldn't get a picture, Jeremiah!!

Reece, you are about ready for a haircut for school, but I like your tattoos!!!