Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What a character!!!

And what kind of trouble do you think this little one can get into?
What a hysterical look on her face. I can't help but laugh everytime I look at it!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Vail Thanksgiving!

Well, another Thanksgiving in Vail has come and gone. But this year was especially blessed with Aaron and Andrea getting to be there for the first time in four years. Since they now live in Fort Collins, it is easy for them to spend Thanksgiving with us. And we had the added blessing of having Aaron's parents with us. David and Tina Taylor, who are missionaries to Hungary, are here in the states for a few months and then will be going back. We laughed, played games, ate tons of food, walked the village, went swimming and into the hot tub, and just enjoyed each other. Food was abundant. Aaron had informed me not to buy anything for the Thanksgiving dinner, because he had won a gift card for City Market and that he would get all the food. I would cook, but he would supply. Well, on Tuesday morning we went to the store and he found the biggest, fresh turkey he could find. It weighed 30 pounds! And we were only feeding six adults and two little ones. Needless to say, it barely fit into my roaster oven and he had four, one gallon bags of turkey to take home. We were also blessed to have Nathan and Mary, our son and his wife, come up on Saturday before Thanksgiving and spend the day and night with us. It was a blast. Then on Friday after Thanksgiving, a very special friend of Andrea's and ours came to see us and brought his wife, Amanda. Ben Williamson lives in Washington and had came to Grand Junction for the holiday to see his mom. They all drove to see Andrea and Bob and I. Even though it was a short time, it was such a sweet visit.
Our family and our friends made this a blessed, sweet Thanksgiving and we want to thank you all for sharing yourselves with us.

More pictures in Vail

Bob and I at the tree....what a beautiful time we had!
A surprise visit from Ben and Amanda Williamson to see Andrea and that was great!

Malachi and his airplane

Now here's two really handsome couples!!!

Mommy and Malachi posing for Grandma!
Grandpa loves hugs from Malachi!!

By the creek in Vail Village

Grandpa and Rachel at the Christmas Ornament Store
What a beautiful family strolling in the Vail Village.

Cute couple...what does the emblem on his cap say?? can't be Raiders??? Surely Broncos!

Malachi (big brother) wanted to push Rachel's stroller all by himself. And he did!! Enjoying the beautiful lit tree near the covered bridge.

Thanksgiving Blessings in Vail

What a fun time in the village just hanging out!
David and Tina Taylor, Aaron's parents enjoying the covered bridge with Malachi.
Malachi is going to help Grandma fix breakfast.....yummy.

Rachel is modelling the sweater that Grandma made. Isn't she a cutie??
Here's Andrea, Rachel and Malachi checking out the huge globe art in Vail Village!
How wonderful to have Nathan and Mary come up for a day! Sweet "ski"couple!!!!
Sister-in-laws keeping warm with a Starbucks!!!

Uncle Nathan and Rachel look a little zoned out there!!!