Saturday, October 18, 2008

Moving to Fort Collins

Boy, I didn't realize how long it had been since I updated our blog. Our lives have been changing a lot in the last two months, so here goes. God has been taking Bob and I on a journey that has been a lot of ups and downs. Mostly ups though, in how He has helped us to grow in Him. And the decision to move to Fort Collins wasn't an easy one. But, having some grandkids there (and our daughters and son-in-laws) helped. When we found out our main company, Transamerica, that Bob has been with for over 28 years, was cancelling his general agency contract we didn't know what we were going to do. Then of course we worried a little bit ( knowing that old statement...why pray when you can worry!!) Ha! Ha! So we prayed a lot! We talked to our daughters in Fort Collins and they started praying for us too and Rachel, who has been there for several years and her husband started putting out feelers for possible jobs there. The response was amazing! Their church family was praying and looking and Bob and I were thrilled at their caring and outpouring of love. Of course, our church family here has been praying for our situation too. Although we didn't tell them of the possibility of our moving, because we really didn't think that was going to come to pass.
Well, surprise...surprise! Things starting coming together and one Saturday a few weeks ago, Bob was at the men's Bible study group and when they prayed for him and I, it was like an instant answer as to what God wanted us to do. So, we started going through and cleaning out our office, which the lease is up on December 31st, and then we have put our condo up for sale. We called the girls and told them we were moving to Fort Collins and they went bananas! Of course, the son-in-laws are saying they want us to be closer.....we'll see!!!!
Actually, we love them all and are excited to be able to live close to them. We told our church family that we were moving a week ago and it was really tough. We have lived here for over 24 years and we love it. Also, I am the church pianist and Bob is a deacon, so that is a little sad to leave too. But, at the same time, we have such a peace about this. And, it has been a long time since Bob has been this enthused about his work. That is exciting!!!
Well, Bob and I and Jim and Marlene Bonella, our BEST friends, took a quick trip to Fort Collins to look at some condos and we put a contract on one, contingent on the sale of ours here. And so, a new adventure is going to begin in our lives.
We would ask for your prayers as we start this journey. And we will keep you all up on the action as we get ready to move!