Monday, June 23, 2008

Rachel imitating Avery's "cheesy" look while decorating!

Rayelynn, Merlene, Bob, Me and Mom
Four generations on my side!
Four generations on Bob's side!

My Birthday "60" Party

On May 17th my family gave me a birthday party. The actual date is the 21st, but since most people could come on a Saturday, that is the date that the party was given. It was an amazing time. I think the last real party I had was when I was a lot younger. Rachel and Brian and Avery Joy came from Fort Collins on Wednesday to spend a few days and prepare for the party. It was wonderful having them here. Also on Friday evening, Tiffany, Rob, Jeremiah, Reece and Payton drove in from Pueblo West. They also brought Bob's mom, Rachel, so our house was full! Grandma Rachel stayed with our friends, Jim and Marlene, but we had people sleeping in almost every room. It was great!!! Then on Saturday they all decorated the clubhouse. It really seemed a little weird for me. I am so used to giving a party that I didn't know what to do. Of course, they wouldn't let me do anything any way!!!
At the party we took tons of pictures. Lots of friends were there, but the greatest surprise of all was when my two sisters and my mom walked in the door. They flew in from Texas just that morning. And then they had to fly back out the next day. What a wonderful surprise! I had no idea that they would come and neither did anyone else except for Rachel and Brian. That was the best gift of all. We laughed so much and had a blast together. We stayed up and talked for hours of course and then the next morning we met for breakfast and talked some more.
Just not long enough together. This birthday is one I will cherish.
Thank you all for the love you showed to me. Thanks to my kids for showing their love too. I know that Nate and Andrea wanted to be there, but couldn't because of the distance. It was fun to be able to webcam Andrea, and talk to Nate on the phone.
Great fun was had by all!!!!