Sunday, May 4, 2008

Womens Spring Renewal and Men's Retreat

What a weekend this has been. I went to Montrose for the annual Spring Renewal conference and Bob went to a men's retreat near Durango. We had 13 women from our church go and there were 6 of our men that went to men's outing.

God was working! At the women's conference at least 15-20 women received Christ and that was so wonderful to add new sisters in Christ to our family. Also an amazing thing happened at the men's retreat on Saturday. While his wife was with the women in Montrose, one of our men also received Christ as his personal Savior. Wow!!! What a renewing of our spirits. Isn't God so amazing?? Every day He shows just how much He loves us.

I am including some pictures of our outings.

There was a guest performer in Montrose. Her name is Cheri Keaggy.

She was a blessing and such fun to worship with.

During one song, before she sang she invited anyone who was in a praise team to come be a backup for her. Kathy who is in our praise team came and grabbed my arm and "we" went to the stage. Of course there were about five more that joined us. I was okay until I looked at the auditorium full of over 400 women. Then Cheri had us sing: "di di dididi di". Those were our lyrics. It was a blast!

Laura, Me and Nancy

Kathy, Mary and Karen

Grace Point Ladies

Point men getting ready to go on their retreat

Stopping in Silverton for dinner on the way!

Quiet time studying God's Word Enjoying the blessings with one another

Outdoors with God one on one

Power of prayer

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Aaron, Andrea, Malachi & Rachel said...

These are great pics! Good to see familiar faces and many we don't know. Love you guys and it's great to see you both growing in the Lord Jesus!