Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What a character!!!

And what kind of trouble do you think this little one can get into?
What a hysterical look on her face. I can't help but laugh everytime I look at it!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Vail Thanksgiving!

Well, another Thanksgiving in Vail has come and gone. But this year was especially blessed with Aaron and Andrea getting to be there for the first time in four years. Since they now live in Fort Collins, it is easy for them to spend Thanksgiving with us. And we had the added blessing of having Aaron's parents with us. David and Tina Taylor, who are missionaries to Hungary, are here in the states for a few months and then will be going back. We laughed, played games, ate tons of food, walked the village, went swimming and into the hot tub, and just enjoyed each other. Food was abundant. Aaron had informed me not to buy anything for the Thanksgiving dinner, because he had won a gift card for City Market and that he would get all the food. I would cook, but he would supply. Well, on Tuesday morning we went to the store and he found the biggest, fresh turkey he could find. It weighed 30 pounds! And we were only feeding six adults and two little ones. Needless to say, it barely fit into my roaster oven and he had four, one gallon bags of turkey to take home. We were also blessed to have Nathan and Mary, our son and his wife, come up on Saturday before Thanksgiving and spend the day and night with us. It was a blast. Then on Friday after Thanksgiving, a very special friend of Andrea's and ours came to see us and brought his wife, Amanda. Ben Williamson lives in Washington and had came to Grand Junction for the holiday to see his mom. They all drove to see Andrea and Bob and I. Even though it was a short time, it was such a sweet visit.
Our family and our friends made this a blessed, sweet Thanksgiving and we want to thank you all for sharing yourselves with us.

More pictures in Vail

Bob and I at the tree....what a beautiful time we had!
A surprise visit from Ben and Amanda Williamson to see Andrea and that was great!

Malachi and his airplane

Now here's two really handsome couples!!!

Mommy and Malachi posing for Grandma!
Grandpa loves hugs from Malachi!!

By the creek in Vail Village

Grandpa and Rachel at the Christmas Ornament Store
What a beautiful family strolling in the Vail Village.

Cute couple...what does the emblem on his cap say?? can't be Raiders??? Surely Broncos!

Malachi (big brother) wanted to push Rachel's stroller all by himself. And he did!! Enjoying the beautiful lit tree near the covered bridge.

Thanksgiving Blessings in Vail

What a fun time in the village just hanging out!
David and Tina Taylor, Aaron's parents enjoying the covered bridge with Malachi.
Malachi is going to help Grandma fix breakfast.....yummy.

Rachel is modelling the sweater that Grandma made. Isn't she a cutie??
Here's Andrea, Rachel and Malachi checking out the huge globe art in Vail Village!
How wonderful to have Nathan and Mary come up for a day! Sweet "ski"couple!!!!
Sister-in-laws keeping warm with a Starbucks!!!

Uncle Nathan and Rachel look a little zoned out there!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Moving to Fort Collins

Boy, I didn't realize how long it had been since I updated our blog. Our lives have been changing a lot in the last two months, so here goes. God has been taking Bob and I on a journey that has been a lot of ups and downs. Mostly ups though, in how He has helped us to grow in Him. And the decision to move to Fort Collins wasn't an easy one. But, having some grandkids there (and our daughters and son-in-laws) helped. When we found out our main company, Transamerica, that Bob has been with for over 28 years, was cancelling his general agency contract we didn't know what we were going to do. Then of course we worried a little bit ( knowing that old statement...why pray when you can worry!!) Ha! Ha! So we prayed a lot! We talked to our daughters in Fort Collins and they started praying for us too and Rachel, who has been there for several years and her husband started putting out feelers for possible jobs there. The response was amazing! Their church family was praying and looking and Bob and I were thrilled at their caring and outpouring of love. Of course, our church family here has been praying for our situation too. Although we didn't tell them of the possibility of our moving, because we really didn't think that was going to come to pass.
Well, surprise...surprise! Things starting coming together and one Saturday a few weeks ago, Bob was at the men's Bible study group and when they prayed for him and I, it was like an instant answer as to what God wanted us to do. So, we started going through and cleaning out our office, which the lease is up on December 31st, and then we have put our condo up for sale. We called the girls and told them we were moving to Fort Collins and they went bananas! Of course, the son-in-laws are saying they want us to be closer.....we'll see!!!!
Actually, we love them all and are excited to be able to live close to them. We told our church family that we were moving a week ago and it was really tough. We have lived here for over 24 years and we love it. Also, I am the church pianist and Bob is a deacon, so that is a little sad to leave too. But, at the same time, we have such a peace about this. And, it has been a long time since Bob has been this enthused about his work. That is exciting!!!
Well, Bob and I and Jim and Marlene Bonella, our BEST friends, took a quick trip to Fort Collins to look at some condos and we put a contract on one, contingent on the sale of ours here. And so, a new adventure is going to begin in our lives.
We would ask for your prayers as we start this journey. And we will keep you all up on the action as we get ready to move!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Funniest Grandma Sharon Video

The funniest thing that happened at Avery's party was my video of Rachel Eliana playing in the water. I had squatted down to video her and fell backwards onto my rear, all the time not being able to turn the video here is the results!

Avery Joy's First Birthday Party

Avery enjoying her first birthday cupcake! Wow...this is good!!!
I love playing in the water fountains with mommy....
Andrea and Malachi had a blast at the park in the water!!!
But the one that had the most fun in the water was Rachel could hardly keep her out of the water!
Avery had fun at the party with Grampy and Grammy!!!
She gave sweet kisses to Grampy too!!!!

Avery Joy's Birthday Presents!

Avery and her new she can help mommy clean! Or maybe become a great drummer or musician???
And of course...cheer for the Wisconsin Badgers!!!!

Sprinkler system fun???

Bob and I went to Fort Collins to help put a sprinkler system in Rachel and Brian's yard. What we thought originally would only take maybe three days turned into six. What a job, but of course I had the best job of all. I got to babysit Avery, Malachi and Rachel Eliana while everyone else was outside in the hot, hot weather. Of course, chasing a 2 1/2 year old, a 1 year old and a fast crawling 11 month old wasn't a walk in the park.hahaha! But, all kidding aside, we had a wonderful time with our children and grandchildren. Bob worked extremely hard to get the system in and did a great job. Also, thank the Lord for Aaron, our son-in-law, who worked the trencher. Wow, I don't know what we would have done if he hadn't been there to trench for us.
(Love you..Aaron!!)
All in all everything got done and we are thankful!

Sprinkle work work!!!!

Rachel using the pressure washer to go under the sidewalk! Brian and dad working on the front yard.
Rachel and Brian's backyard. A bigger project than we thought.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Amberlee Sikes Diving Lesson

Amberlee had a little trouble diving off of Bob's shoulders. These videos were so cute I couldn't resist putting them on this blog.
Enjoy the fun!!!

Here is Amberlees first try....

Here she trys again.....

And finally.........

Bundy's vacation with us!

It was wonderful to have Tiffany and Rob, Jeremiah (who is 13), Reece (who is 6) and Payton (who will be 3 in a couple of weeks) here with us for five days. Grandma cooked, and they played! Grandpa, Rob, Jeremiah, Isaac Sikes and Amberlee Sikes went fishing up on the Mesa on Tuesday. They caught fish and had a ball! While they were fishing, Tiffany and I took Reece and Payton to the family day at the movies. It has been a long time since I saw "Pippi Longstocking". We loved it and so did the kids. The guys also had a day to go golfing. But one of the highlights was the day that we all went swimming in the pool at our clubhouse. We invited the Sikes' family over and we swam for hours, then had a barbecue.

I thought it would be fun to put some of the pictures from our day so you could enjoy them.

Pool Time at Aunt Rachel & Uncle Brian's!

The kids had a blast!

Don't know who had more fun...the babies or Grandpa Bob!!!

Avery Joy and Rachel Eliana
"Jamming" at the musical table with mom..."Auntie Rach"

Visiting the grand kids!

A couple of weeks ago, Bob and I got to go to Fort Collins and see Rachel, Brian and Avery. But, they weren't the only ones. God really blessed our family by giving our son-in-law, Aaron the store he wanted to manage in Fort Collins. So, in just two weeks time, he and Andrea and the kids moved from Lansing, Michigan to Fort Collins. They are staying with Rachel and Brian, and have been looking for a house to buy. After looking at a lot of homes, and praying for God's direction, they put a contract together on a beautiful home. They will close on it on August 18th. We are so thrilled to have two of our daughters in the same town. And three grandkids. So exciting!!!! We are going to be going over to Fort Collins on Tuesday, July 29th to celebrate Brian's birthday on the 30th and then Avery Joy will be "1" on the 31st!! I can hardly believe it has been a year since she was born. We are looking forward to lots of fun!
I wanted to share a few pictures of my beautiful granddaughters (cousins) and grandson as they play together.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Rachel imitating Avery's "cheesy" look while decorating!

Rayelynn, Merlene, Bob, Me and Mom
Four generations on my side!
Four generations on Bob's side!

My Birthday "60" Party

On May 17th my family gave me a birthday party. The actual date is the 21st, but since most people could come on a Saturday, that is the date that the party was given. It was an amazing time. I think the last real party I had was when I was a lot younger. Rachel and Brian and Avery Joy came from Fort Collins on Wednesday to spend a few days and prepare for the party. It was wonderful having them here. Also on Friday evening, Tiffany, Rob, Jeremiah, Reece and Payton drove in from Pueblo West. They also brought Bob's mom, Rachel, so our house was full! Grandma Rachel stayed with our friends, Jim and Marlene, but we had people sleeping in almost every room. It was great!!! Then on Saturday they all decorated the clubhouse. It really seemed a little weird for me. I am so used to giving a party that I didn't know what to do. Of course, they wouldn't let me do anything any way!!!
At the party we took tons of pictures. Lots of friends were there, but the greatest surprise of all was when my two sisters and my mom walked in the door. They flew in from Texas just that morning. And then they had to fly back out the next day. What a wonderful surprise! I had no idea that they would come and neither did anyone else except for Rachel and Brian. That was the best gift of all. We laughed so much and had a blast together. We stayed up and talked for hours of course and then the next morning we met for breakfast and talked some more.
Just not long enough together. This birthday is one I will cherish.
Thank you all for the love you showed to me. Thanks to my kids for showing their love too. I know that Nate and Andrea wanted to be there, but couldn't because of the distance. It was fun to be able to webcam Andrea, and talk to Nate on the phone.
Great fun was had by all!!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Womens Spring Renewal and Men's Retreat

What a weekend this has been. I went to Montrose for the annual Spring Renewal conference and Bob went to a men's retreat near Durango. We had 13 women from our church go and there were 6 of our men that went to men's outing.

God was working! At the women's conference at least 15-20 women received Christ and that was so wonderful to add new sisters in Christ to our family. Also an amazing thing happened at the men's retreat on Saturday. While his wife was with the women in Montrose, one of our men also received Christ as his personal Savior. Wow!!! What a renewing of our spirits. Isn't God so amazing?? Every day He shows just how much He loves us.

I am including some pictures of our outings.

There was a guest performer in Montrose. Her name is Cheri Keaggy.

She was a blessing and such fun to worship with.

During one song, before she sang she invited anyone who was in a praise team to come be a backup for her. Kathy who is in our praise team came and grabbed my arm and "we" went to the stage. Of course there were about five more that joined us. I was okay until I looked at the auditorium full of over 400 women. Then Cheri had us sing: "di di dididi di". Those were our lyrics. It was a blast!

Laura, Me and Nancy

Kathy, Mary and Karen

Grace Point Ladies

Point men getting ready to go on their retreat

Stopping in Silverton for dinner on the way!

Quiet time studying God's Word Enjoying the blessings with one another

Outdoors with God one on one

Power of prayer